Disappointing 1840's Home

The home was built in the 1840's but unfortunately no coins of that era were recovered. The entire yard was littered with pull-tabs and made hunting a little difficult.

The first coin I found was in the side yard and it was a 1956-D silver Roosevelt dime. The next few hours produced only three wheat pennies 1910, 1920, and a 1946.

New coins were a penny and clad dime. My hunting partner found two wheat pennies and some modern coinage.

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Schoolyard Hunting

Stopped by the same school as below for a little detecting. Nothing good in the way of coins...one clad quarter and a 1964 nickel. I did find this nice antique key stamped with the number 20.

A nickel reading resulted in the broach. I think the other piece is part of a shaving razor stem.

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Old School Still Giving Up Silver

I stopped by the same old school that gave up the silver war nickels and the two rings below. This was the first time metal detecting at the school since winter.

I was using the White's V3i with a modified Coin and Jewelry program. I accept everything from 0 to 94. Disc was at 80, All Metal at 70, and RxGain at 5. There was EMI in the area so I had to lower the Gain to keep the detector quiet.

I received a solid signal of 63 at six inches. Digging down I found this 1952-D silver quarter. I think it was on edge which would account for the lower VDI reading. Also found the 1939 Lincoln cent at five inches.

New stuff included 4 clad dimes, 1 nickel, and two pennies. Nine coins total with two keepers.

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Civil War Relic Hunting Part 15

After a long cold winter I finally got the chance to run down to Remington, Virginia for some civil war relic hunting. This was going to be a short visit (2 1/2 days) as they were forecasting rain on Thursday. This would give me two full days to relic hunt. I pulled in to my uncle's property around 10:30am and started searching by 11:00am.

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Civil War Relic Hunting Part 14

Civil war relic hunting with the White's TDI metal detector produced a few more finds on what is now beginning to be a "thinned out" area for bullets. Also recovered on this trip were a New York button and a scabbard tip.

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Dig those pull-tab signals when metal detecting!

I was back metal detecting a school yard where I recently found the Russian gold ring. The thin .925 silver ring was found about 3" deep and the .925 silver earring was found in a "tot lot" on the school grounds.

The silver earring and ring both hit in the pull-tab range because they are thin silver...not thick like a coin. If you are not digging those pull-tab readings not only are you missing gold, but you are also missing small pieces of silver like the earring and ring pictured.

Also found 9 clad quarters, 5 clad dimes, 8 nickels, 5 pennies, and a 1979 Canadian dime.

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Civil War Relic Hunting Part 13

All good luck on this civil war relic hunt. Found a nice variety of bullets including .58 caliber three ringers, .52 caliber Sharps, .54 caliber Merrill's, .50 caliber Smith carbine, .64 caliber musket balls, and .44 caliber Colts.

Also found were an eagle cuff button, confederate flat button, gun tool, and a flying eagle cent.

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Metal Detecting in the Woods.

Metal detecting in the woods has paid off once again. This 1784 2 Reales Spanish colonial coin was found on our property here in Pennsylvania. The date was scratched during the years in the ground due to a tree that was up-rooted during a storm. The only evidence left of this was a depression in the ground much like a small crater. I found this at the top of the crater. But wait...this coin was not laying in the ground alone. A large cent dated 1831 (Matron head) kept it company all these years.

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Metal Detecting Schoolyard

Metal detecting the same school that produced all of the silver war nickels below, I managed to pull up yet another piece of silver and one wheat penny dated 1925.

The silver dime dated 1962-D was only 3" deep and I thought for sure it was a clad dime. The wheat penny was 8" deep and I found it using the "mixed-mode" option on the White's V3i.

I also recovered 8 clad quarters, 3 clad dimes, 3 nickels, and 3 memorial cents.

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Twenty dollar bill found.

Out For A Walk

Obviously I did not find this with my metal detector. I walk every day for exercise and found this about 4 feet from the curb, folded up just as you see it.

A nice crisp $20 bill!

This beats my last bill find by $15. I once found 5 one dollar bills in a small plastic treasure chest.