Metal detecting a schoolyard.

These are the results of the first time out with the DFX300. The silver Roosevelt (1946-P) was found in the front yard of a very well hunted high school built in 1925. The religious medal was found about 15 feet away from the dime, right on top of the ground.

We also hunted the yard of an old house that dates back to around 1776. Very disappointing! I only found one clad quarter and two new pennies.

Next up was another high school from the 1930's. Found lots of new stuff but nothing old. It too, has been hit very hard.

I was hunting with the 12" super coil and found that the depth reading is off about 2". A coin that displays 4" was actually 2" deep. This resulted in a lot of useless digging. I could have probed the coins and popped them up with the probe. Next time I will just put on the 9.5" coil for regular metal detecting.

Total coins: 10 clad quarters, 12 clad dimes, 14 new pennies, one silver dime and one religious medal. 37 coins total with a cash value of $3.94.

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1927 quarter found metal detecting.

Metal detecting a churchyard.

Metal detecting around the same 1922 church produced a couple more silver coins. The area hunted has another home directly behind the church which housed the nuns years ago.

Another three hours of hunting produced the 1927 standing Liberty quarter, a 1951 silver Roosevelt, 7 wheat pennies, 4 clad quarters, 3 clad dimes, and 21 new pennies. Also found was a 1977/79 5 Baht coin from Thailand, a religious pendant and a boy scout necktie slide.

The quarter was about 5 inches deep and the silver dime was only 3 inches deep.

38 coins total.

Coins found metal detecting around a church.

Metal detecting a churchyard.

You know your metal detecting day is starting out good when the first coin you pop up is a wheat penny. I was hunting the yard of a local catholic priest. The home was built the same time as the church...1922. A lot of ground, but not many coins. For three hours of hunting I found 2 silver Roosevelt's, 1 1937 buffalo nickel, 4 wheat pennies, 4 clad quarters, 3 clad dimes, and 8 new pennies.

That's the way private yard hunting is. Some have none to a few coins and others are loaded with them.

22 coins total.

Metal detecting a church bandshell.

A trip back to metal detecting the field near the church band shell (see story Metal Detecting Around a Band Shell) resulted in this civil war Union Staff coat button. The back reads Scoville Mfg. Co. Waterbury.

Not much to report in the way of coins...three clad quarters, one wheat cent, one half of a change purse clip (brass).

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Metal detecting an old house.

A three hour metal detecting hunt this morning turned up some pretty good finds as evidenced by this seated Liberty dime. I was hunting the back yard of an old home built around 1790 in Nazareth, PA. After 15 minutes I dug up the first piece of silver at 4.5 inches which was a 1950-D Roosevelt dime. About 30 minutes later the seated dime made an appearance from a depth of only 1.5 inches. The good luck charm is the first I have found with the penny still attached. All total I found 14 clad quarters, 6 clad dimes, 4 new pennies, 4 wheat's ( 1950, 1945, 1944, and 1918), and the two silver dimes. Seven of the quarters were in one hole!


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Lead figure of a man

Metal detecting the canal.

Who is this guy?

If you know, send me an email.

Height: 1 3/4"
Material: Lead or brass.

This has been identified as a pipe tobacco tamper....many thanks Ernie.

1866 Shield Nickel

Metal detecting the canal.

I can see two rays at 10 o'clock. That would make this nickel an 1866 or an 1867.