The following is an email I received from Robert Hoard of Huntsville, Alabama concerning that government housing area I was talking about in the article "Confessions of a School Yard Coinshooter". Robert and I hunted together from 1980 through 1982. Thanks for the update Robert.

A little history of the area located near Farley Elementary School. The place was called Redstone Park. They removed the houses in the early 60's. Not too long after you left, the farmer quit using the land. The area became very overgrown with trees, weeds, and vines and was very hard to detect. The best time to detect this area was late winter after the grass and weeds had died down. Over the years I pulled a lot of silver out of there. About 10 years ago, a factory was built on part of the land and about 5 years ago, an armory was built. Just guessing, I would say 1/4 of the land was used.

I always kept an eye on the place. On 12-18-1999 I noticed they had cleared the area of all the trees and underbrush. I started detecting the area again.

Over the next 2 weeks I hunted the area 9 times:

12-18-1999 I found 2 memorial pennies, 12 wheat pennies, and 3 silver dimes.

12-20-1999 I found 4 memorial pennies, 9 wheat pennies, 1 nickel, 1 silver dime, and 1 1943 Australia silver 3 Pence.

12-23-1999 I found 6 wheat pennies.

12-24-1999 I found 4 wheat pennies and 2 silver dimes.

12-30-1999 I found 5 wheat pennies.

12-31-1999 I found 5 wheat pennies, 2 silver dimes and 1 silver quarter.

1-1-2000 I found 2 wheat pennies and 1 memorial penny.

1-2-2000 I found 3 wheat pennies and 1 silver nickel.

1-3-2000 I found 5 wheat pennies, 1 memorial penny, and 1 silver dime.

Three Pence.
Total: 51 wheat pennies
9 silver dimes
1 silver nickel
1 silver quarter
1 silver 3 Pence
63 Coins

Not like the old day's, but not bad for a hunted out site.
Robert Hoard

Map of Farley school.

Click Here to view as it looks today.