Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector Review

Written By: Marc McDermott
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Kids are drawn to the idea of finding treasure, and this detector makes it easy. With only two knobs, even young kids will be able to figure out how this machine works.

What we like:

  • Lightweight for the little hands that will be carrying it around.
  • The length is adjustable so the detector can grow with the child.
  • Fun and educational.
  • A child will be proud of the finds he makes, whether they’re valuable or not.

What we don’t like:

  • It won’t find coins deeper than 6 inches underground — but many kids won’t want to dig deeper than that anyway!


Let’s look at some of the features that make the Gold Digger a good choice for kids.

Only two knobs

While some metal detectors are difficult to operate, this one is a breeze because it only has two knobs for a kid to tinker with.

One knob controls the power level and sensitivity, and the other one is the trash eliminator so you can set the discrimination where you want to avoid some junk signals.

It comes with headphones

Kids will feel like legitimate treasure hunters when they see the headphones that come with this detector.

Using headphones when in a crowded setting will help the child hear the signals better.

It has a 7-inch coil

That coil size is great for kids who would struggle to wave around the weight of a bigger coil.

It has a sensitivity meter

This meter will help the detectorist assess the strength of the signal which can help you decide whether to dig it up or not.

It includes an all-metal motion mode

This mode will help the detectorist find all kinds of metal, including iron, silver, gold and much more.

It has three audio tones

The three different audio tones will help the junior detectorist decide if the signal sound is worth all the effort of digging it.

Similar detector comparisons

How does the Gold Digger hold up in comparison to some of the other Bounty Hunter detectors that are aimed at younger detectorists? Let’s take a look and see.

Gold Digger vs. Bounty Hunter Junior

Neither the Gold Digger nor the Bounty Hunter Junior has digital screens, and they both have two knobs.

They both have discrimination modes and are lightweight, so they’re comfortable for their intended audience to carry around.

The big differences are that the Gold Digger has two tones while the Junior only has one tone for all targets, and the Gold Digger can extend longer than the Junior detector can.

While the max extension on the Junior is 31.5 inches, the Gold Digger can stretch to 45.5 inches. That means taller kids would be better off with the Gold Digger.

The Gold Digger also includes headphones, which the Bounty Hunter Junior doesn’t. Kids may like that added accessory because they’ll feel more professional and grown-up with it.

Gold Digger vs. Junior Target ID

While the Gold Digger is a black machine that looks like a scaled-down version of a machine an adult would use, the Junior Target ID detector looks more like a fun toy.

It’s bright blue in color and uses three faces on the display screen — a sad face that indicates a junk find, a more interested face that shows the item could be a ring, and a happy face which means it could be more valuable like a coin.

For really young kids, ages 6 to approximately 9, the three faces method would be fun.

But kids older than that would likely prefer the Gold Digger because it looks more adult-like.

The Gold Digger is also a little heftier, which is more suitable for older children. The Junior Target ID weighs only 1.5 pounds, while the Gold Digger is 2.2 pounds.

The 7-inch coil is also bigger on the Gold Digger, compared to the 6-inch coil on the Junior Target ID.

The bigger coil gives a little more depth.

Gold Digger vs Tracker IV

The Tracker IV is an appropriate choice for children, as well as beginning adult detectorists who don’t have much money to spend on their hobby.

But I wouldn’t recommend the Tracker IV for children under the age of 10 or so because at 4.2 pounds and with an 8-inch coil, it might be too much weight for them to handle.

If the child is older, like a teenager, he or she will be able to carry it around with no problem.

The Tracker IV doesn’t have a display screen either, and it only has two tones instead of the three the Gold Digger has.


What’s included in the box?

You’ll get the detector as well as the headphones.

It will also come with an instruction manual, but it’s pretty easy to figure out without reading it!

What age is best for the Gold Digger?

It depends on how tall and strong a kid is. With this detector, eight years and older should easily be able to handle it.

Teenagers will still like to use this machine as well!

What kind of batteries does this use?

It uses two 9-volt alkaline batteries, and you’ll get hours and hours of hunting time from those batteries.

What is the operating frequency?

The operating frequency is 6.6 kHz, which is enough power for general metal detecting.

A child will be able to find coins, relics and all kinds of interesting things with this detector!

Is this metal detector waterproof?

The coil is weather-resistant, but the control box is not.

Detectorists should not submerge this detector underwater!

What accessories will I need?

The only accessory a child has to have is a good digging trowel so he can get to his finds!

If you want to add on more accessories, you could consider getting a treasure pouch he can wear that will hold his finds and a pinpointer to make finding the treasure even easier once he digs his hole.

Final thoughts

This is the perfect detector for kids who want to go treasure hunting, but don’t want to feel like they are using a kid’s toy.

They will love the Gold Digger, and you might just be sparking a lifelong love of history and metal detecting by buying this gift!