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Written By: Marc McDermott
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Fisher metal detectors are some of the highest quality and best performing metal detectors in the industry. Founded by Dr. Gerhard Fisher in the 1931 as Fisher Research Laboratory, the company was acquired by First Texas Products in 2006.

First Texas Products also produce the well known Teknetics and Bounty Hunter metal detectors. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in El Paso, Texas where they design and manufacture all of their products.

Prior to the acquisition, Fisher produced popular machines such as the Coin Strike, ID Excel, Gold Bug 2, GoldStrike, 1200 series and the CZ series.

Perhaps the most popular Fisher metal detector today is the F2; an affordable entry level metal detector with high-end characteristics. The F2 was built with simplicity in mind so it’s very attractive to those just starting out in the hobby. We highly recommend the Fisher F2 to customers as a powerful, entry-level coin machine.

A step up from the Fisher F2 is the Fisher F4 which was one of the first machines built by First Texas after the Fisher Labs acquisition. The F4 is also an entry level machine and primarily intended for coin hunting. It has a faster recovery speed than the F2, as well as a DD coil and the ability to manual ground balance in the All Metal mode.

Next up in the Fisher F-Series line is the F5. The F5 was designed very different from the F2 and F4 with more of a classic interface. While there are a plethora of additional features in the F5, users either love it or hate it. The machine was designed for the experienced relic hunter with the ability to adjust detection settings on the fly using a series of knobs. This probably is not your entry level machine as it comes with a higher learning curve.

The F70 was based off the F75 and was built as a mid to high level relic hunting machine at an affordable price. It is known for its “Slow” mode which is a setting on the machine that allows for greater detection depth.

The F75 was the first machine built by First Texas after the Fisher acquisition with its design and build based off their existing Teknetics T2. It is a highly sought after machine for the advanced treasure hunter as it is jam packed with easy to use features. It is the flagship detector in the Fisher F-series lineup.

Fisher’s Gold Bug series started in the early 2000’s with the Gold Bug 2. With advancements in technology, Fisher released the Gold Bug and Gold Bug Pro which are two of the most sensitive metal detectors for small gold. All 3 models in the Gold Bug series were designed by the same engineer who designed the Tesoro Lobo, and Whites GMT.

Onto the classic Fisher metal detectors we have the CZ series (arguably the first multiple frequency detectors) and 1200 series. The current models in these 2 series are the CZ-3D for relic hunting, the 1280x for fresh water hunting, and the CZ-21 for salt water hunting.

No matter if you’re new to the hobby or a veteran, Fisher has the right metal detector to suit your hunting preferences. Try our metal detector comparison tool to see some of the key differences between the different Fisher machines as well as how they stack up to other brands.


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