Metal Detecting Gift Ideas

Written By: Marc McDermott
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Are you looking for some metal detecting gift ideas for the detectorist in your life this holiday season? We’ve compiled a list of five great ideas that are sure to please any detectorist!


Anyone serious about metal detecting should have a pinpointer in their pouch.

What is a pinpointer?

After a target has been located with a regular metal detector, a pinpointer is a small, handheld metal detector that’s used to pinpoint the target in the hole.

It sheds loads of time trying to locate good targets in the ground, so the detectorist can spend less time digging and more time metal detecting.

Need help choosing which pinpointer to buy? See our guide to the best pinpointers for metal detecting.

Carry Bag

A carry bag is always a great gift idea because most detectorists don’t already have one.

I know when I first started metal detecting, I just used whatever backpack I had laying around the house for all my gear.

But as the years went by and I accumulated more tools, I finally broke down and invested in a quality carry bag.

If you’re buying this as a gift, find out what brand of detectors your loved one owns.

Each manufacturer has their branded bags.

While any bag will do regarding size, it’s best to match the bag with the detector.

Click here to see some great options on amazon.

Treasure pouch

A good tools and finds pouch is a must have for any detectorist.

This is a low-cost item and would make for an excellent stocking stuffer.

Pouches are typically strung around the waist, and have pockets to hold things like pinpointers, diggers, car keys, and of course, all the finds!

Like carry bags, each manufacturer has its own brand, and I like to match these up as well (unless the pouch is not branded).

Here are some great options for pouches.​

Digging tools

A good quality digger makes for an excellent gift because a lot of detectorists think of these as a ‘nice to have’ item.

When I first started out, again I used whatever cheap digger I had laying around in the garage.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on a high-quality digger that I knew wouldn’t snap in two in the middle of the woods on a long treasure hunt.

A good digger is typically made from super high quality, aircraft quality steel. See my reviews of the best metal detecting digging tools.

Entry-level detector

Does the person you’re shopping for not even have a detector yet?

Well then let’s talk about entry-level machines.

I stress entry-level because I don’t typically recommend you spend a lot of money on a detector as a gift unless the person has told you specifically which model they want.

The reason being is that detectorists can spend months researching the perfect machine – so don’t disappoint them by getting them a model they didn’t want!

Final thoughts

While there are a few other ideas I can think of, the five I’ve listed above are by far the most popular items that any metal detectorist would love to have.