Metal Detecting Beginners Guide

Getting started with metal detecting. Everything you need to know
Written By: Marc McDermott
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For a lot of folks, they hear the term ‘metal detecting’ and automatically imagine the crazy old guy they saw walking up and down the shoreline on their beach vacation last summer. But when you look at this surprisingly addictive hobby, there’s so much more to it than just looking funny at the beach. In this guide, you’ll learn what this hobby is all about, why it has become so popular, what you’ll need to get started, and so much more!

Chapter 1: How to get started metal detecting
What you need to know to get started
When you’re first starting out and not sure if you’ll even like the hobby (or if budget is a concern), you’ll want to get yourself an entry-level detector, a few accessories, and definitely some know-how.

Chapter 2: Is metal detecting worth it?
Why go metal detecting?
Let’s start off with a simple question: why do people go metal detecting, and what’s so exciting about it?

Chapter 3: What is the Best Metal Detector?
In-depth buyers guide to help you choose the right metal detector for you
If you’re looking for the best metal detector that matches your budget, experience level, and type of hunting, then this guide is for you. I’ve tested all the major brands and helped thousands of hobbyists find the right equipment for their treasure hunting adventures.

Chapter 3.1: Types of Metal Detectors

Chapter 4: The Basics of Operating a Metal Detector
Everything you need to know to get started metal detecting
A metal detector is a fairly specialized piece of electronic equipment and using one effectively takes some practice and know-how. This article will give you an idea of the types of features that modern detectors offer as well as some of the basic techniques of how to use a metal detector.

Chapter 4.1: Tips and Techniques
Chapter 4.2: Metal Detector Depth

Chapter 5: Best Places to Metal Detect
Find out why these are some of the best places to go metal detecting
Metal detecting and real estate have at least one thing in common: location, location, location. The most advanced metal detector and the most experienced detectorist won’t find items of interest if people weren’t there to lose things in the past, so let’s look at some of the best places to metal detect.

Chapter 6: Metal Detecting Research
How do you research areas for metal detecting?
While I could probably write an entire book on how to do productive research, this guide is going to touch on the basics and focus primarily on private land. Instead of finding 87 cents in modern clad coinage in your two-hour hunt, you could potentially walk away with coins and relics that are hundreds of years older.

Chapter 7: Metal Detecting Code of Conduct
Metal detecting code of ethics that every treasure hunter should abide by
It’s so important to read and follow the code of conduct in its entirety. If not, you risk being able to metal detect in the future.

Chapter 8: How to Get Permission to Metal Detect
How to obtain permission to metal detect or search private property
Getting permission to metal detect seems to be one of the most common obstacles to getting access to great detecting spots. Many people get nervous or feel silly knocking on someone’s door to ask for permission.

Chapter 8.1: Responsible Metal Detecting

Chapter 9: How to Dig When Metal Detecting
Digging techniques for responsible metal detecting
As a rule of thumb, a hand digger should be used on properties that are less than two acres. Anything over that you can start to think about a mid-sized digger for faster digging.

Chapter 10: Must-Have Tools and Accessories
Everything you need to get out there and start detecting
When you’re first starting out, a lot of the accessories you use can be things you have laying around the house like an old fanny pack, tool belt, backpack, digger, gloves, etc. This article teaches you everything you’ll need.