Stunned by What He Found in Ancient Swimming Hole

Written By: Marc McDermott
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If there’s one thing that can make a scorching 100-degree day more bearable, it’s plunging into the history-laden waters of a deep canyon. In his latest vlog, metal detecting enthusiast Brad swaps the familiar mountain trails of Vermont for the refreshing waters of a once-popular 1800s swimming spot. Despite the sweltering heat, Brad’s adventurous spirit is as cool as the creek he explores.

In this remarkable episode, Brad isn’t just battling the heat; he’s uncovering the past, coin by coin. As he wades through the clear waters, his metal detector chirps frequently, signaling treasures beneath the surface. Each find brings a mixture of mundane modern coins and the occasional thrilling flash of silver.

The real drama begins when Brad’s detector signals an 84, leading to the discovery of a modern penny. It’s a humble start, but the canyon has more stories to tell. Minutes later, he unearths a mercury dime, a gleaming testament to the canyon’s historic allure. Each coin, whether a simple modern nickel or a silver piece from decades past, adds a layer of excitement to the hunt.

Brad’s commentary blends historical curiosity with a genuine enthusiasm for discovery. He explains how the natural layout of the canyon helps preserve these treasures, with deeper finds often proving older and more intriguing. His joy is palpable when he stumbles upon a second silver coin, a Roosevelt dime from the 1940s, which he excitedly adds to his growing collection.

What’s notably absent in Brad’s finds is just as interesting as what he discovers. The lack of typical trash—no pull tabs, beer cans, or bottle caps—speaks volumes about the pristine condition of this natural retreat. Instead, his finds are purely historical or lost items like keys, which suggest stories of past visitors to these waters.

As Brad ventures further upstream, his finds continue to paint a picture of the area’s history. A key discovery is a barber dime from 1892, found wedged in the layers of stone, untouched for over a century. It’s a highlight that underscores the timeless connection between past and present visitors to this swimming hole.

Wrapping up his day as more swimmers arrive, Brad reflects on the bounty of his search. His haul includes a mix of mundane modern coins and three precious silver coins, reminding us that every find has its own story. His concluding thoughts resonate with any treasure hunter: the excitement lies not just in what you find, but in the search itself.