About Marc McDermott

That’s me metal detecting in Harvey Cedars, NJ with my CTX 3030

Metal detecting has been a passion of mine since my childhood adventures in Readington New Jersey, a township settled in 1730 and chock full of history. Like most villages, it was settled near a water source, the Holland Brook. The Holland Brook was the underpinning in which the village was built on providing power to operate the mills and supplied water to the people, their crops and animals. Naturally I spent most days fishing, hiking, exploring and metal detecting as a boy near the Brook and it’s surrounding wooded areas. The Holland Brook shaped my childhood adventures and ignited my passion for metal detecting.

As an adult, I took my childhood passion and turned it into a business. For 10 years, I owned a metal detecting store where I helped other hobbyists find the right metal detectors, accessories, and recovery tools to match their experience level and type of detecting. That business, originally named “Hollands Brook,” has since morphed into this website; an educational resource that teaches you everything you need to know about metal detecting.

When not writing about metal detecting, you might find me metal detecting in Harvey Cedars, my favorite spot on the Jersey shore.

Marc McDermott
Owner, MetalDetectingintheUSA.com