Metal Detecting In The USA

Metal detecting tips, finds, and stories about metal detecting, civil war relic hunting, and treasure hunting.

Metal Detecting In The USA

Metal Detecting In The USA offers how to tips, stories, and pictures about metal detecting, civil war relic hunting, and treasure hunting.  I've had numerous stories published in Treasure, Treasure Found, Treasure Search, Western & Eastern Treasures magazines and a few newspaper articles.  In addition to these metal detecting stories are other helpful how to articles from Cleaning Coins to Where to Go Metal Detecting and Metal Detecting Tips.  For questions about metal detecting or metal detectors, please feel free to send an email or use the comments form.  Most importantly, enjoy your visit and come back often...J.R. Hoff.

J.R. Hoff with a 1784 two real and an 1831 large cent found metal detecting in the woods.
Digging down about three inches I popped up an 1831 large cent (Matron head type). It was in good enough shape to read the date. BUT, that was not the only coin in the hole. I ran the coil back over the hole and was still getting the 83VDI. Within seconds I could see a large silver coin. When I picked it up I knew it did not have the weight of a USA more
  Civil war bullets .50 caliber Smith (paper cartridge) and .50 caliber Smith (rubber cartridge).
Own a piece of authentic civil war history. These civil war bullets and civil war relics make great conversation pieces. Mount them in a custom frame or purchase with a Riker case. Civil war bullets for collectors, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or for metal detecting club hunts. These civil war bullets make the perfect lifetime gift for all special occasions more
How to Clean Your Metal Detecting Coins - 1874 Seated Liberty Dime.
First, check the date and mint mark on the coins you want to clean. Be absolutely certain that they are not key collector coins but common coins that are worth face value or silver (or gold) value. If you do have a key collector coin, take it to an expert and let them decide the best course of action. There are two categories that we need to discuss more
  Metal detecting coin probe made of stainless steel.
Offered for sale is the very best coin probe you can buy for people who care about quality. These probes are handmade of polished 1/4" stainless steel, ground to a pencil point, and polished to a fine sheen. The handle is industrial polypropylene with a non-slip textured surface that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The shank is more
Metal detecting church yards produced these Barber coins.
That Saturday Sam was knocking on my door at 8:00 in the morning , and off we went with our White's metal detectors and coffee in hand in his little yellow Ford. We decided to hunt only old church sites that were built before 1900. Since Sam grew up in this area he knew where to look. First stop was Myerstown at a church built in the 1700' more
  Metal detecting ground cloth for coins and relics.
Ground cloths are perfect for metal detecting. They are extremely lightweight and easy to carry on the S-Hook. All dirt removed from the hole should be placed on a ground cloth instead of the grass. No more picking through the grass for your target. Once the target is located and retrieved, simply pick up the ground cloth and pour the dirt back more
A pile of silver coins found metal detecting in Optimist Park in Huntsville, Alabama.
In the city of Huntsville, Alabama on the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Andrew Jackson Way is a ball park now known as Optimist Park. This park was made into a softball and football field back in the forties. Before that, it served as the football field for Rison High School (built 1921) located on Oakwood Avenue. Just looking at more
  V3i Battery Pack Kit for a variety of White's metal detectors.
This V3i Battery Pack Kit contains solder, insulating material, metal strip cut to size, foil tape, and a pre-wired 10K thermistor. All you need to purchase is a battery holder, batteries, and follow the directions provided on this page. The new battery pack will fit V3i, VX3, DFX, XLT, MXT, M6, and the Slim Line TDI (SL) model metal more
Indian head cents found while metal detecting in the woods.
I found the usual shotgun shells, lead bullets, and brass shells, but no coins. I was sure there were coins in the woods because if there were hunters pulling shells out of their pockets, coins could also be easily lost. But then another thought occurred to me. Loggers! Our particular piece of land was logged in the very early 1900's. I knew of more
  Bull Durham watch fob found while metal detecting in a school yard.
This was a good day of metal detecting and one would think you would come back as soon as possible but it wasn't until the first day of May that I came back to Clinton elementary. On this day I found one of my favorite non-coin items, the Bull Durham medallion. Also in the non-coin category was a Union three ringer civil war bullet. In the more


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