Emperor Nerva Silver Roman Coin

This is a Roman silver coin from Emperor Nerva A.D. 96-98. The mint mark indicates it is from Rome. On the reverse of the coin is Concordia, goddess of peace, celebrated with two clasped hands. I found this coin in a German hay field on October 7, 1989. It was found in time to be entered in the Western and Eastern Treasures magazine top 10 "Best Finds" for 1989...and it made it!

One of the "Five Good Emperors"
The Roman senate's appointment of Nerva began a period of fair and just rule by a succession of men that came to be known as the Five Good Emperors. Marcus Cocceius Nerva was the first of the Five Good Emperors who ruled from A.D. 96 to 98. Nerva was a good republican who lived up to Roman expectations of virtue. He did not allow gold and silver statues to be made of him in his honor.

He halted the persecution of Jews and Christians and swore never to take the life of a senator. He lived by this oath even in the face of deadly conspiracies. He abolished many of the horse races and other trivial spectacles that had become popular drains on the treasury. Before he died, he appointed Trajan as his successor.

A coin dealer in the May 1, 2000 edition of Coin World lists this coin as follows:
G+ 37.00, Fine 77.00, Very Fine 227.00, and Extremely Fine 377.00
(I think this coin is at least a Very Fine)

Update June 26, 2012
Apparently the coin is a rare one because of the symbols above and below the clasped hands. One recently sold on NumisMall for $935.85!