Metal Detecting Finds from Jeff Herke

World War II silver aviation wings and civil war relics from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Metal Detecting In The USA

I read your story about the "wings".  I have also include an image of the ones that I have found. All three are marked sterling. The top one I found while detecting with you on the boulevards of Salt Lake City.  I don't remember the second one. It is also missing whatever insignia was located in the center of the pin.  The third one I found in the backyard of an old house next to the school in the "Back to School" article about 10 years ago.

Sterling silver WWII Air Force Aircrew wings.
Top:  WW II AAF Aircrew Wings

  Thanks to Sgt. Timothy D.Smith, USMC, these are now identified as Combat Aircrew Wings.  The stars on top represent combat sorties.  The U.S. Marine Corps is the only branch to wear these wings

  WW II AAF Aviation Cadet Wings

Bottom:  U.S. Air Force Observer Wings.

Civil war finds from the Atlanta, Georgia area.
Civil war finds from the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Lead seals.
Close-up of the lead seals.

Aluminun and copper objects found metal detecting in the Atlanta area.
The registered motor vehicle plate was eaten through from the acidic ground
here in Georgia.  Is this what people used before license plates?  Was it
nailed/screwed onto the bumper or dash of the car?

The second item has Firestone written on it and I have another similar
object beside it.  I believe that this was a give away promotional item.  I
am guessing these were used in old homes to hang pictures.  A piece of trim
work was on the wall about a foot from the top.  The hook would be placed
over the trim work and the picture hanger wire would go over it.  I have
seen some old pictures of homes with similar devices.

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